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The Power of Language

Learn a language and find out what you’ve been missing.

Learning a language is a great way to broaden your cultural horizons and maybe even start to see the world through different eyes. You will gain insights into a different culture, be able to access and enjoy the different entertainment, arts and customs that have developed in different regions over the centuries.

Unrivalled range of language courses

Brasshouse Languages currently has courses in 30 languages so whether you are hoping to learn a language to use on holiday or when travelling, with friends and family at home, or for work in the UK or abroad.

If you don't use it - you risk losing it!

  • Have you ever lived abroad?
  • Studied a language at a higher level?
  • Worked in a job that required a foreign language?

Have you considered joining one of our Advanced Level language courses?

These courses are an excellent way to rediscover those lost language skills or even take them to the next level.

Our informal and friendly classes will dust down those parts of the brain where you keep your language knowledge. You will get the opportunity to practise and develop conversational skills by talking with classmates about all the latest news and cultural events, guided by our expert native-speaker tutors.

There’s always something new to learn in a language!

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Brasshouse Languages at the Library of Birmingham

Brasshouse Languages at the Library of Birmingham

In September 2016, Brasshouse Language Centre relocated to the 1st Floor of the Library of Birmingham.

The new centre is equipped with the latest technology and gives our students access to the facilities and services of the biggest public library in Europe. This exciting development will help us to continue to provide the same high quality English Language training that students have enjoyed for many years.

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